Places I’ve loved before

The last time I was in Queenstown for this long was when I was a scholar and it’s become clear that I’ll be here for a bit longer than I initially thought. With that, I’ve decided to start living and make the most of my time here. I say this to say that this is the introduction of a new segment to my blog, a compilation of places I’ve visited and those I still hope to visit just to show that Queenstown is really not the dry place we make it out to be.

Places I’ve loved before- The coffee shop

Last visited in 2017, most memorable to me for it’s vintage aesthetic, is the perfect place to have informal business meetings, catch up with a friend or even have a solo date just to experience the solitude and beauty of this place.

A lover and friend.

Today I went with this beaut and the experience was nothing short of the expected. Calm and peaceful as always, we had a great catch up session over lunch. Also, we were today years old when we realised that coffee dates are actually essential.

The menu offers a variety of hot and cold beverages, typical light lunch time meals and an array of cakes and pastries. I ordered a burger (it’s been a while since I’ve had one) and Iyanda, as expected ordered Pasta. Portions? Your moneys worth, really. A solid 7/10 for what we ordered.

Traditional beef burger

Chicken, Bacon & Pesto Pasta

At this point we were super full but had convinced ourselves that we had left enough space for cake so what did we do? We got cake!

Chocolate cake

After months of lockdown, every time we get to step out of the house is an opportunity to look cute. This date wouldn’t have made sense without a cute outfit. So here, outfit of the day.

Pants- Legit

Top- Identity

Bag- Legit

Hat- Mr Price

This is probably one of my favourite spots in this town- Top 3. A place I’ll keep going back to. If you’re wondering about their prices, we didn’t spend more than R200 each, and that, my friends, is how affordable the Coffee shop is. My overall experience rating would be a 7,5/10. Definitely would recommend.

I hope you enjoyed this. Stay safe- always.

Lutho Bleki- xxx

Winter essentials lookbook

I thought I’d get away with wearing my transitional pieces right through winter but after the cold front we had, I had to go back and rethink all of that and act fast. So I pulled out essential pieces that I trust will carry me through what is left of this horrible season.

Black Poloneck

I don’t think there is a fashion post of mine without this piece and at this point I’m judging you if you still don’t have one. This literally goes with EVERYTHING! I really can’t stress enough how vital this piece is. Good for layering, works with casual looks, works with more formal looks, everything.

For those who are working, this piece really makes you look put together while also providing you the warmth you need. Pair it with pants of your choice and you’re set to go.

Pants- Marabastad

Poloneck- Choice clothing

Boots- Exact

Doek- Woolworths

Layering? You’re good to go. Throw over a jacket or coat on bitterly cold days. I paired this with sweatpants because on extremely cold days they’re my trusted piece when it comes to providing warmth.

Poloneck- Choice clothing

Sweatpants- Pep Stores

Coat- Jumbo

Boots- Rage


Another essential piece that is guaranteed to save you during this season. I prefer oversized ones because you can layer up underneath without feeling any discomfort. Again, it works alone, it works layered, really an essential hun

Paired with sweatpants, it gives you a really laid back look that you can step out of the house in.

Sweater- Identity

Sweatpants- Pep stores

Shoes- Nike

This has been my go to look for years now. Even though I am not big on jeans in winter, when I pair them with a sweater and a jacket they somehow seem to work, I don’t feel the cold that much.

Sweater- Identity

Jeans- Ze Africa

Jacket- Exact (mens section)

Shoes- Mr price


We’re here again. I won’t say much about sweatpants because I have a WHOLE post on them (I’ll link it below if you haven’t checked it out). Only thing I’ll add is, this item has carried me through this season. Great for lounging, running errands and looking cute. Warmth? Guaranteed!

Here we’re running errands. You can layer up as much as you want under this windbreaker jacket. Also I buy all my sweatpants from the mens section.

Sweatpants- Total sports

Windbreaker- Thrift

Shoes- Nike

These totalsports sweatpants, based on my experience, are top of my recommendation list because you don’t have to worry much about lint balls.(oontshontshi in IsiXhosa). I was going for a monochromatic look here but I failed. I still look put together though, which is all that matters.

Sweatpants- Totalsports

Faux Fur coat- Rage

Top- Mr Price

Shoes- Puma

Other ways to style your sweatpants?

Puffer jacket

This item is forever. That’s really all there is to say about it. My only piece of advice would be to get a basic colour first before getting all the other colours they have out there.

Denim and white? You’ll never go wrong. Throw your jacket over and go.

Jacket- Choice clothing

Jeans- Jumbo

Top- Mr Price

Shoes- Mr Price

Winter doesn’t have to be bland and boring all the time and that’s why every now and again I pull out the pants I’d naturally wear on warmer days. I layer up underneath them with tights to match the season. Throw over a puffer jacket for both warmth and style. This look? My fighter.

Jacket- Choice clothing

Pants- Cotton on

Top- Mr Price

Boots- Exact

These items are all so interchangeable and really are the core of my winter wardrobe. Items I couldn’t include here because this lookbook would’ve ended up being too long- Hoodies and Long sleeve t shirts. It’s also okay for our essential pieces to differ because we have different styles but I hope that this was somewhat useful to you.

Stay warm, stay safe. Stay slaying.

Lutho Bleki- xxx

How I revived my wig.



That wig you want to throw away? Don’t! I bought my hair in 2017 and have been abusing it since. I watched many videos on techniques to revive your wig and I decided to try this one out and it worked. The key word here is revive, my wig was in it’s dying stages. I had reached a point of, “oh well, if it doesn’t work, I’ve nothing to lose.”

Step 1- Wash

The secret is in this step. Instead of washing with your ordinary shampoo and conditioner , I used DOMESTOS. Any bleach will do but I only had domestos. First wash the hair with domestos. Your hair will be squeaky clean. In clean water use a generous amount of shampoo to wash the hair to rid it of the smell. Proceed to condition the hair then air dry.

The hair will lose all it’s moisture and shine . IT WILL BE DRY! So while it’s still damp, use a serum of your choice and apply it to the hair- leave to dry.

Step 2- Reconstruct

When the wig is dry, reconstruct your wig on a new wig cap. I recommend you iron your hair while it’s its still bundles (before you start sewing). Use a heat protectant before applying heat. If you plan on cutting off the damaged ends like I did then don’t use all the bundles when reconstructing because you don’t want it to be full. I used 2 full bundles and one third of the last one.

The bleach really dries up your hair so apply serum and oil again to restore the moisture lost.

Step 3- Cut

The most damaged part of hair is normally the ends and thats why I decided to cut them off. I changed my whole wig into a fresh bob. I’m no professional and I learnt to cut on YouTube. So don’t just cut, watch tutorials first.


This technique has not been approved by any professional, it is what worked for me. Only do this to wigs that are DAMAGED, if your wig isn’t damaged, a normal shampoo and conditioner wash will do.

New hair, who dis?

If you want to save a wig of yours and anything on here is unclear, feel free to hit me up either here or on my socials and I’ll help you out as best I can.

Lutho Bleki- xxx

Bell bottoms: Date edition

After the longest, unplanned break, I am back with another fashion post. I noticed that bell bottom jeans are making a come back so I decided to go pull out my bell bottom pants and see what I can do with them. Seeing that restaurants have now opened, I bring to you a bell bottoms: date edition post.

Breakfast date

I’m sure we all know how these make us look like we’re in shape and have been squatting for years. LOVE THEM. Being the minimalist I am, if I’m in anything as colourful as this, I make it the center of my look, so whatever I style it with has to be basic and simple to avoid looking “busy”. Breakfast dates really don’t need you to look all dressed up, a cute, well put together look will do.

Pants: The Fix

Lunch date

Now we’re putting in more effort. Bell sleeves and bell bottoms- brought all the bells to the party and it worked. Lunch dates scream “fun” and so we had to bring in colour. Honestly, all your pieces are as versatile as you allow them to be, believe it. You can dress these kind of pants up for a semi to formal look and also take them down for a casual fit. Here we go… semi formal? I think so.

Pants: Mr Price

Dinner date

You’d better go all the way here! Bring all the heat and sass! Man, I liked these pants so much that I had to get them in different colours. Took this look up a bit by pairing these pants with a tight fitting top and I think it’s my fighter.

Pants: Mr Price

Those who said they’d take you out when restaurants open? Call them, It’s time! Plus, you know what to wear now, haha. Just a side, bell bottom pants are definitely not something I deem as an essential piece, they just add to the variety of pants I have since I don’t really want to look the same everytime I go out… Anyway, it feels so good to be back, I hope you enjoyed this post!

Lutho Bleki- xxx

I have not tasted a more elite Kota.

Finally tapping into the lifestyle side of my blog and what better way to do so than with a food post?! Those who know me know that I’m not crazy about everything food. The only food that has my heart is the kind that is said to make one gain weight but never really does with me. The kind that makes people look forward to cheat days. The kind of food that, when I don’t have enough money for retail therapy will do the trick. FOOD THAT TASTES LIKE EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT!

Are you salivating yet?

If 3 months, or even 3 weeks ago someone had asked me what my preferred “on a budget” comfort food is, a Kota wouldn’t have even crossed my mind. I’ve had Kotas before and the experience was never worth writing home about. But before overlooking them completely, I decided to try out the ones made in my hometown, Komani and all I can say is, WHAT AN ELITE KOTA!

Tantalizing, flavourful, delicious and affordable. You really get more than your moneys worth – What a Kota, Kota Kweens truly did something here!

Meet the Kota Kweens

Meet Noloyiso and Lina, young entrepreneurs currently based in Komani. The brains and hands behind Kota Kweens. Having battled with a lot of self doubt and many unanswered questions such as “how will people receive our Kotas” the Kota Kweens gave courage a fighting chance and finally started their business.

Small as it is still, they are happy with how people have received their kotas. “The feedback from customers is something that keeps us going” they said. They also admitted that “starting your own business is no child’s play, it comes with a lot of sacrifices but we keep finding ways to make it enjoyable and easier for ourselves.”

Contact them today.

There’s not much left for me to say about these Kotas except for the fact that, life is short, don’t deprive yourself of nice things. If you’re on a diet, one kota won’t hurt you, let your cheat day be tomorrow. Komani, do try out this Kota. You won’t regret it. Tell the Kweens I sent you.

With the ladies of the moment!

From the Kota Kweens to young entrepreneurs and creatives: don’t let ideas live in your head for too long- just start. Blocking all voices of negativity and putting yourself out there is not easy, but you have nothing to lose. So, JUST START.

Lutho Bleki- xxx

Styling my sweatpants

As every Winter approaches I always wonder how I made it through the previous one because I’m never confident that my wardrobe will carry me through the coldness that is to come. This year was no different till I invested in sweatpants- Undoubtedly the best thing I’ve done for my wardrobe.

If someone had told me about the comfort, convenience and versatility of sweatpants earlier, I wouldn’t have spent the previous winters wearing tights under my jeans in an attempt to combat the cold. But we’re here now which is all that matters. Just as the fit of sweatpants, this post will be a very chilled and laidback one. Here goes: Styling my sweatpants…


Long sleeve tshirts will work on warmer days and for my loose fitting ones, I always play around and tuck it in in different ways depending on which tuck in I believe works for that particular look.

On colder days I’ll layer up with a hoody and if I don’t want the whole “tracksuit” look I’ll switch it up by adding an oversized denim jacket.


All black is really timeless. There’s literally no room for one to go wrong here. Remember when I said go get yourselves black polonecks? This beaut can be paired with almost anything and everything. And here, I’ve paired it with black sweatpants and I love how “put together” it makes me look.

A touch of colour. I love love this fur coat. It’s able to take my outfits from a 6 to a 7 and I’m definitely abusing it this winter! A queen that’s good looking and also serves a purpose as it is super warm. I have to stan!


Crops- I find a lot of comfort in crops that meet the waist of my pants, leaving little to no skin showing. Another look that is for the warmer days, won’t leave you in too much trouble when the weather switches up.

Maybe the whole thing of looking put together is not just limited to the colour black. Another monochromatic look I enjoy. I prefer crop hoodies to regular hoodies because they look more stylish and just as with regular hoodies, you’re still able to layer up.

If you’re starting your collection, as I am, get yourself basic neutral colours and then build from that. Also, I can’t speak on the quality of these because I’ve not worn them enough times, yet.

Tough times seem to be lasting but man, we can’t look like our problems. Dont get caught slipping. Let’s try to stay safe and try even harder to look cute! Okay I kid, just… stay safe!

Lutho Bleki- xxx

Transitional lookbook

For as long as I can remember I have never been excited by the idea of colder days and longer nights, but that has never stopped them from coming. With Autumn being upon us already and with the lockdown not making matters any better, I have decided to focus my energy on something that brings me happiness and enjoyment- fashion.

I really wish my relationship with fashion was always this healthy. But what a big wish considering the fact that my relationship with my own self was not healthy. “Comfort is always key in an outfit” but how could I possibly find comfort in clothes when I was not comfortable with the body that would wear these clothes?

See, what I did not fully grasp then is that ones personal style is one that is centered around looking at oneself in the mirror and being content with the reflection. I wish I had learnt earlier that no amount of statement pieces or even compliments could save me because this had far less to do with clothes than it did with me and the journey of love and acceptance HAD TO START WITH ME.

As I put together this Autumn/Winter transitional lookbook, I’m still not excited about the cold weather but I’m incredibly excited to rock these outfits!

Look 1- Suns out, legs out- Playtime with my girls.

Man, I’m a summer girl. If I can throw in my summer pieces into a look, best believe that I will. This black poloneck is an essential piece in your wardrobe. You can easily layer up underneath it on colder days. Honestly, if you don’t have one of these then you really have no business going into the colder seasons. Go buy a black poloneck, in fact, buy 2! Black midcalf boots, another essential!

Look 2- Alright, it’s a date!

Oh baby! GIVE ME CLASS, GIVE ME ELEGANCE, COME ALL THE WAY THROUGH WITH THAT HEAT! Again please don’t disqualify your summer pieces. If you feel your pants are a thin material, black seamless tights (ankle length) will save your day. Tucking in your jersey into your bra will give you this cropped jersey look, always works like a charm when paired with high waisted pants. Note- Oversized jerseys are your best friend!

Look 3- Lockdown’s over? I don’t know where we’re going but I’M READY

If you’re going to go for a monochrome outfit, then please try to play around with different textures. Faux leather jackets (in this household we are big on affordable clothing) are forever! Get yourself one! Did I mention black boots?!

I hope you enjoyed this lookbook as much as I enjoyed putting it together. I have put together these looks knowing that the lockdown will end we’ll be able to go outside again. Maybe we won’t be transitioning into Autumn and Winter then and these outfits may not be season appropriate but I hope you take something from this. And that is- while we wait, learn to accept, love and be kinder to yourself.

Lutho Bleki- xxx


I don’t remember much about the day this picture was taken. But with today being the day I was supposed to graduate, I look at this picture with renewed joy and pride.

I often think about the little girl in this picture and wonder if she would be proud of the woman I have become and am yet to become. Today my answer is one I am certain of.

She wouldn’t have known much about life’s many obstacles but she definitely knew about goals and dreams and never giving up. This pandemic may have taken away a big event from me but it’s also given me the courage to continue in the streak of making 6 year old me proud.

With that, today marks the birth of my blog. I have been yearning for a space to share about my life, interests and style. I can finally say, THIS IS IT. Welcome to my space, grab your beverage of choice and STAY.

Side- I hope that you too can gather enough courage to start whatever it is that you’ve been wanting to start.

Lutho Bleki- xxx